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Maa Laxmi Sanskrit Wall Frame


Gift Wrap Design

Gift Packing (30.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Gift Packing (30.00)

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Maa Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. She bestows worldly happiness to her devotees. She is also the patron goddess of traders, merchants, bankers, gemstone dealers, and she owns all the riches in the world. All Indians desire for prosperity and good fortune in life. This wall frame is one of the most sacred symbol to bring auspiciousness in home.

MAA Laxmi is worshipped by all Indians. This wall frame with the most popular Sanskrit shloka in India is a perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

विश्वामरेन्द्रपदविभ्रमदानदक्ष- मानन्दहेतुरधिकं मुरविद्विषोऽपि ।
ईषन्निषीदतु मयि क्षणमीक्षणार्ध- मिन्दीवरोदरसहोदरमिन्दिरायाः ॥

viśvāmarendrapadavibhramadānadakṣa- mānandaheturadhikaṃ muravidviṣo’pi ;
īṣanniṣīdatu mayi kṣaṇamīkṣaṇārdha- mindīvarodarasahodaramindirāyāḥ .

A momentary glance from the goddess is enough to make one as king of Devas in this world. It made Indra regain his kingdom. It has made Madhusudana supremely happy. May her blue lotus eyes glance at me for a moment.

जो संपूर्ण देवताओं के अधिपति इंद्र के पद का वैभव-विलास देने में समर्थ है, मधुहन्ता श्रीहरि को भी अधिकाधिक आनंद प्रदान करने वाली है तथा जो नीलकमल के भीतरी भाग के समान मनोहर जान पड़ती है, उन लक्ष्मीजी के अधखुले नेत्रों की दृष्टि क्षण भर के लिए मुझ पर थोड़ी सी अवश्य पड़े।।

Source : Kanakadhara Stotram 3

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 6 cm

Printed on a 300 GSM Resin Coated Art Paper for long life

Dust and water-resistance

100-micron lamination to artwork resulting in dust and water-resistance

Frame Type

Glassless frame with black fiber borders (1 inch)

Country of origin


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